Terms & Conditions

Starting The Project

When conduction a new project with WebWiz, there will be a upfront 50% non-refundable desposit on all jobs based on the quote discussed. This is in place to secure your project with us and for our financial security. Only once this deposit has been made can we begin with the design and/or development of your website.
The additional 50% will only need to be paid at the end of the project.

Should the client want alterations or extras added after sending through the quote, there will be an additional costing based on the amount of time it would take to complete.

How We Work

Once we have approved your idea we will then move into the design process. All designs are done by freelance designers that WebWiz trusts. These designers have their own billing system and their finances are not related to WebWiz in anyway. You will need to confirm their costing for the designs before confirming the costing of the development. The designer will then create something that he or she thinks would work best for you based on what you want. Once you have approved their design, it then gets passed on to the me for the development. At the end of the development stage you will be allowed 2 more final design changes on the newely developed website. If you require more changes after the final 2, there will be an additional cost of R500 per hour.

The Clients Duties

WebWiz would like to urge the client to not delay the process in any way. Once you have recieved our quote, there will be a 30 day acceptence of the desposit. Once this 30 day period has passed and the deposit still hasn't been paid, the original quote will not be accepted aymore and you will need to request a new one.

WebWiz will be be held resposible for any delays the client has made.

Our Rights

WebWiz owns the rights to all copy, images and designs of the website and these rights will only be transfered over to the client once the final 50% payment has been made. The client doesn not own any part of the website until this payment has been made and approved by WebWiz.

Privacy Policy

WebWiz will never share your personal information with anyone unless instructed to do so by you (the client). WebWiz accepts all personal information, images and website content as private information and therefor will not be shared with anyone outside of WebWiz.

The freelance designers working with WebWiz may or may not have their own Privacy Policy and it is up to them to adhere to their own ruling. If such designer has partnered up with WebWiz, he/she will have to accept our Privay Policy and well as their own.

Personal Information Includes: